Men’s Group

The value of belonging to an ongoing men’s group lies in having a  forum where you can raise issues, concerns, setbacks and triumphs in a supportive environment.

In this led group, you have the opportunity to experiment safely with being around other men in an emotionally honest way. It’s a chance to look, in detail, at which kinds of behaviour and interaction enhance your experience of being OK – and which weaken or damage your sense of self.

As the men in the group get to know each other , trust grows – enabling members to reveal more of themselves, challenge each other in a constructive way and learn how to help each other work through interpersonal and life difficulties, over an extended period.

Membership  is strictly limited to 8 participants,  please contact me if you are interested  so we can meet to assess whether joining would be appropriate for you.

Dates in 2017/2018

On the following Saturdays from 9.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m


October 14th,

November 25th,

December 16th.


January 20th,

February 17th,

March 17th,

May 19th,

June 16th.

The group will take place at The Practice Rooms 24 Regent Street, BS8 4HG

Press the bell for the RED room.

Cost: £ 44 per day.