Formative Work


Exploring Formative Work

In this group I use the principles and methodology of Formative Psychology to help participants deepen their experience of how they form and maintain their specific individual shapes in response to the challenges that life brings.  Through the use of somatic exercises, and by sharing their experience with each other, participants have an opportunity to explore how to change deep-seated patterns, which may have helped them survive but now often hinder the full experience of being alive.


On the following Sundays between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.


May 26th,

June 30th

September 22nd

November 24th

January 26th

March 29th

May 24th

July 19th


Each Sunday costs  £ 42.

The group will take place at 86 Colston Street, BS1 5BB, up at the top of Colston Street from Colston Hall, just before the traffic lights.  It’s a light-blue painted building on the right, incorporating and above Bristol Bike Workshop.  When you arrive, simply come through the front door to the right of the Bike Workshop (no.86) and press intercom button marked Chris Stanley on the pad to the left of the inner front door, I will answer and buzz you in.  If there is a problem I’ll have my mobile with me.