After over thirty years of practising Psychotherapy  I have stopped  working on a regular one to one basis.  As well as running two ongoing groups, I am now  available to meet with individuals on an occasional basis  for what I am calling “Reflective Conversations”, where I am integrating what I have learned from life, from my training in Humanistic Psychotherapy, and my involvement in the Sufi Way.

In this time together, anything  up to two hours,  we will see what emerges through being present with one another in as deep a way as is possible, in the moment. The aim of our time together is to provide a space where you can reflect on what is going on for you right now, how your past may be helping or hindering how you are dealing with your situation, and what might be emerging for the future.

If  when we meet I think you might need more ongoing work, or you are looking for somebody to work with in an ongoing regular way, I am happy to give you the names of  experienced therapists who I know and trust.

I have decided rather than ask for a fixed fee, to charge £ 20 to cover my rent,  after which you can pay me whatever you feel would be appropriate, and that you can afford!

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